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Mewwme has a bunch of features packed into it to make sure you have the most amount of fun with your friends as possible.

Mewwme has the ability to play songs in your voice channel from sources such as Spotify, Soundcloud, Tidal & so many more more! Go check out the FAQ for the full list of supported sources. On top of being able to play songs, Mewwme can also play playlists which then get added to a queue system. We also provide you with the top 10 search 🔎 results from Spotify when you run searchsong.

📃 Lyrics

When Mewwme is playing a song, you are able to get the lyrics for the song. We use the Genius to provide you the the most accurate song lyrics possible. With the proper structure so you can host your own karaoke night without knowing the lyrics! You can also use the lyrics command followed by a song name to manually search for lyrics of a song.

🎙️ Advanced


While listening to Mewwme, you can control the turntable with useful commands such as me seek, me back, meskip...


Unlike other music bots, Mewwme grants you special perks including sound effects for free! You will be able to modify and adjust the playback as you wish, bringing you the blazing experience with Mewwme.


The built-in queue feature allows you to add songs to the queue and manage it. Now go build a music queue and enjoy the tunes!

⚙️ Custom Playlists

Mewwme provides a great variety of customizability when it comes to your favorite playlists. You can add your own songs to a saved playlist and use it later! Bring your tunes with you with a few easy commands. It's as simple as that.

Check out this for more information on how to create and manage your own custom playlists.